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Free and Premium Stock (Photos, Illustration, Videos, Icon, Audio) Script

This document contains all the technical knowledge of how to use Zaistock. We have tried to be as detailed as possible. Still, if you have faced an issue but can’t find the answer on this doc, please send us an email from CodeCanyon support.


What is Zaistock ?

Zaistock is a web based responsive application that lets you create a full-fledged website to sell photos, videos, audios, icons, and illustrations. The website has three different panels - Admin, Contributor, and Customer. We’ll get to the details of every panel in this documentation. So let’s start with the basics.

How ZaiStock Works?

This platform has three panel (Admin, Customer, Contributor) and description here

An admin can:-

In ZaiStock, an admin is a user with the most access, permissions, and responsibilities. To run the program, the admin must handle the entire system. Admin can upload admin product also.

A customer can:-

In ZaiStock, customer can purchase product, download free product. Download paid product through subscription plan package. Customer can add favourite product list, follow/unfollow another customer/contributor/admin

An contributor can:-

In ZaiStock, customer can be as a contributor through apply become an contributor. A contributor can create and sell product. Contributor can add, update, delete their products(photos, videos, audio, icon) materials. Contributor can earn income by sharing a percentage of the course price after selling/downloading the products on this platform.